Atari Falcon 030 | Nostalgia Nerd

Atari Falcon 030 | Nostalgia Nerd

The Atari ST, STE and even Atari TT may have been decent machines, but the Atari Falcon was a new breed. Destined to be a new line of Atari computers. Unfortunately, fate would not be kind to the Falcon, and although revered among fans, most people are blissfully unaware the Atari Falcon even existed.

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  1. Cool video, just to let you know for the future – It's actually "change tack" not 'tact' so other language pedants like myself don't give you a hard time

  2. A pity some billionaire didn't buy Atari and Comodore around 1991, merge them, fund a single R&D dept and launch a super machine that looked different and they could have captured the entire creative, games and much of the productivity market especially in Europe. They could have then done trade in programs and flooded Eastern Europe and Russia with ST's and Amigas and software to prime them for a few years before then folding them into the merged super machine echo system.
    That would have been something beautiful.

  3. I always wanted a falcon maybe one day i can buy one .. ill have to beg my wife 😉 lol — funny enough i was involved in transputers tech back in the 80s it was ahead of its time

  4. It is so sad to see back all those big mistakes Atari made. Numerous types and models and non compatible with something else. If only one clever man would have been in charge of Atari! If only they would have made things modularly. One keyboard, one power supply, one box with all the connectors. There was so much money spoiled for nothing, not even for profit. One big blundering machine, that was Atari.

  5. My personal acknowledgment of the Atari ST back in the day only manifested whenever I encountered an Amiga game that used only three voices for music. The only reason that ever happened was because it was ported from the ST.

  6. I remember that Falcon and being pretty amazed by it. It was really the first time and only time until the Gravis soundcards came out that something sounded better than the Amiga audio wise. That DSP was dynamite. But yeah Trammell strikes again, good hardware lousy marketing.

  7. Good ol' Atari … once they get things right, they fuck themselves over 🙂 Quite a shame in case of the falcon tho – it was a nice machine hardware wise, but sadly never had it's fair share of quality consumer software (I owned 3 at one point and sold them all off).
    Also small correction: The enhanced sound on the STE isn't a single chip, but two digital to analog converter chips – actually quite a minimalist approach to add digital audio but implemented kinda clever by adding DMA support (just like the soundblaster on the PC market made the adlib irrelevant).

  8. Good video. Interesting to see how Atari could have been as big as Apple are today. Perhaps if they had paired with IBM or Microsoft back then, things would be very different today. The Mac at the same time was just as impressive with the specs, but considered as a business computer, not a games computer, yet it was not cheap. Apple had secured good partnerships with the "big boys" in the industry.

  9. By early 93 I had a Mega STE, but I could see the writing on the wall. The future was PC. Still, because I found a great offer I got an A1200 which I kept barely for a year. As much as I liked my Ataris and Amiga, the end was already here. Not so much due to hardware leaps of PCs, but software support.

  10. wow… great to see Lost Blubb again…remembering the first time we saw the demo in 1995 (guess it was the Fried Bits in Bremen, Germany?) with STAX himself being proud of the cool music…

    we even had some Falcon Beer from Sweden 🙂

  11. this is a awesome video and not about the falcon only and was very well researched 👍👌i bought my ATARI FALCON 1992 in germany by preorder and it was a very long time too wait 😮and i still have it as all my ST/STE/mega STE and a TT 😍
    but unfortunately the timer chip has to be replaced and right after the STNICCC 2015 my harddrive died 😞
    thank you for this worthwhile video. i liked every minute of it /l 👍😀

  12. We had one at the studio I used to work at. It was being used mainly for Cubase, and also as a controller for Yamaha Digital Consoles (DMP7s). It was quite the workhorse, as it was still being used on a regular basis as late as 2002.

  13. I had two upgraded Falcon 030 machines up until mid-2013, and I have to say they really are special and have a certain aura and magic. I mainly used it with SoundPool audio and Steinberg MIDI inferfaces, and Cubase Audio v2.06. The power and capabilities of this back in 1992 was significant, although the people I knew with them ended up returning to the ST, as they were more mature and stable at that time. I absolutely loved owning my Falcons though.

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