App Inventor 2 – Listview with dynamic data

In this video I show a hack to make a simulated scrolling listview in App Inventor. I use the canvas to make a scrollbar and shift the images and text dynamic in the static components on the screen.
This app could be updated to be able to fetch data from a database and show these data dynamic and scaleable.

You can download my project from the App Inventor gallery:
Please give credit if you use it – thanks.



  1. good.
    but can i use this kind of view with dynamic data? without limits?
    i saw you use a limited number of horizontal arrangements, ho it works if you want to add data?

  2. As I remember you can add more data. They will be inserted in the arrangements in a dynamic way( the fixed number of arrangements is only fixed for the reason of layout – the program will insert data in new places when you scroll). But it's been a long time since I made this, so foregive me that I can not show in detail.. 😉

  3. Hi, sorry if i peroodically write a commentare, But this stuff is so coolThe question today is: To scroll The List, could be used a vertical scroll arrangiamenti?

  4. Hey. I added another screen so I can add items. What should I do to it will add it to the list on the first screen ?.
    Sorry for English I use Google Translate

  5. Hello Bo, my name is Daniel, thank you for your contribution in app inventor.
    I have been trying to use your "ListView" in an application and I have seen something strange relative to the Canvas.dragged block that I want to share with you.
    First of all I have made a grid of 6 rows.
    As the list of items grows, after item 31 the formula "set global draggedIndex to ceiling (ball1.Y / Canvas.Height) X lenght of list – 5" must be adjusted in a pattern of every 26 items in the list (lenght of list -4, -3, -2,ect).

  6. I want to show the data in the app inventor database dynamically. For example, I get data in 10 seconds. So I get a total of 10 data in 100 seconds, but I want to show this data up to date in one line. But each and every one prints 10 lines each. Does this have a way? Thank you.

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