After Dine-and-Dasher’s Old Posts Surface, Chipotle Makes Final Judgement On Firing Manager

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Jared Harris for the Conservative Tribune reports, In a knee-jerk reaction to a Twitter video, the Chipotle restaurant chain fired a St. Paul, Minnesota, manager accused of a form of racial profiling.

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  1. The punks said they didn't have money. So I suppose the store could serve their food and when they did not pay then call the Police. The company was stupid for defending the punks for attempting to take advantage of the store. The pic of the dude…he looks like he smoked some of the concentrated Marijuana that makes your brain numb for two days just in case you wanted to be able to think straight.

  2. This manager deserves back pay since she was fired with a raise thrown in. She also deserves extra money for the pain, stress and anguish of unemployment that the spineless management at Chipotle caused and could have EASILY PREVENTED.
    Nobody learns shit if theres no serious consequences and penalties!
    Dine and dashers need to spend some time at hard labor in prison! Then they may not do it again.
    I know this is way too much common sense for many idiots to comprehend!

  3. This is an example as to why Whites and Blacks CANNOT share a civilization

    White people demand order and trust; Blacks thrive in chaos (Africa). When we impose our expectations upon Blacks, we hear cries of wasizm!

    Whites do not benefit from the presence of blacks… bottom line

  4. Should of investigated from the get go! Throw a big ass lawsuit on Shitpotle! Here's a manager trying to protect a business from losses, and that's the thanks she gets. To all Shitpotle managers. Let them all walkout, and not pay! Then quit! Fuck it! Let corporate deal with it! Where are all the pussy hat's now to help this girl out. Nowhere to be found! Piss on them too!🍻

  5. The triggered left has figured out how to pressure companies to carry out their victim outrage program for their use. When they’ll wake up, we will never know. The fact that they are being used and that they don’t recognize it is astonishing.

  6. Im black and live in Detroit, in this city 9 times of 10 they ask you to pay for food before you get it and no one cries about social injustice, its called running a business

  7. I live in Minnesota. Never heard any news coverage of this as usual. The manager should sue for racial discrimination and defamation since the damages will be permanent.

  8. Chipotle literally jumped to be on the political bandwagon and they fucked up now I say people should start to boycott any corporation that gets involved in this type of bullshit. Look at abc with rosan. Let it go no one cares about color of skin anymore there is only government trying to keep us divided and those who fall for it.

  9. The people who are accusing others of being Racist are the Racists. They are the ones who see everything based on Race..
    She should sue chipotle..

  10. That's the problem with social media, business owners always seem to take sides b4 fully investigating both sides cause they don't want to look bad, if I was that girl I would sue them and get my job back. Then leave for a better company.

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