404 Error (Page Not Found)? Here’s what to do!

Ever get stuck with a 404 page error? We’ll show you some ways to get around it 🙂

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  1. Am I the only one finding that LinkedIn have messed up those of us who use google to search for people on LInkedIn? The people are real the profiles are real but the search results of 404s. Thanks for nothing LInkedIn. Watched this video am now older but still no wiser & nowhere near to finding a solution.

  2. hey can I fix that problem on my blogger cuz it sucks I have made a thread then put it in a label after that I found the thread in the home page but when I go to earn from Internet for ex I find 404 page not found go to home page although I find the thread in home page so how I can fix that

  3. I get this 404 error when trying to add an email account to the Gmail app on my smart phone. Nothing to type except my email address and no spelling mistakes there. The error says it’s a “404 error where the URL isn’t found. That’s all we know” I certainly did not enter a URL just my email address into my new phone.

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