[19] Third Age Total War Divide and Conquer Gondor v2.2 DOP VH/VH

Playing TATW as Gondor with the DAC mod (v2.2) and the Dwarven Overhaul Project sub-mod on Very Hard/Very Hard difficulty settings.

House rules:
Single general armies.
No new generals.
Pre-built watch towers removed.

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Third Age is a mod for Medieval 2 Total War (M2TW) based in the Middle Earth realm. The Divide and Conquer submod adds many more factions to the Third Age mod.

Third Age Total War (TATW) mod

Divide and Conquer sub mod

Dwarven Overhaul Project


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  1. Great job in the Eastern border. Mordor will be tired with your defenses. Howewer, I can feel fear about the war with the Enedwaith's clans. Do you think to push them and take all cities up to Tharbad ?

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