[18] Third Age Total War Divide and Conquer Gondor v2.2 DOP VH/VH

Playing TATW as Gondor with the DAC mod (v2.2) and the Dwarven Overhaul Project sub-mod on Very Hard/Very Hard difficulty settings.

House rules:
Single general armies.
No new generals.
Pre-built watch towers removed.

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Third Age is a mod for Medieval 2 Total War (M2TW) based in the Middle Earth realm. The Divide and Conquer submod adds many more factions to the Third Age mod.

Third Age Total War (TATW) mod

Divide and Conquer sub mod

Dwarven Overhaul Project



  1. I worry that if you wait too long to go deeper in Mordor that their troop factories will just swamp you, particularly when AI Dol Amroth fails and the south joins the west in flooding into your weaker areas. Also, build a ship for troop transport on your western coast.

  2. When u get attacked at a place with walls u shouldn’t always attack out u should let them attack u n let them come to the walls u can lose less troops that way if u play it right

  3. Hi! What program do you use to record your screen? I am trying to improve my voice in my videos (unfortunately now im sick so i sniffed a bit on my last video lol)
    But I’m having a problem getting a resolution as good as in the game. I have a great computer, but when I record the screen the quality goes down… any tips for a newcomer is welcome!

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