011 PHP MySQL Database Tutorial – Display Records mysql fetch object function – Hindi

In this video you will learn to use mysql_fetch_object function to display records.. basically it follows the OOP’s method so you should be familiar with OOP’s concepts

Various function to Display Records of MySQL in PHP
mysql_fetch_array : http://youtu.be/Ikcj7oUO_LI
mysql_fetch_assoc : http://youtu.be/Bn4jrfAP9gA
mysql_fetch_row : http://youtu.be/OyeItRUxGps
mysql_fetch_object : http://youtu.be/ST6Oxu7RkrU

This video tutorial series is about PHP MySQL Tutorial in Hindi. This will be help for beginner who want to learn php mysql connectivity concepts. Various php mysql database functions, database concept for web development which is record for website. How to use various form elements such as text box, radio button, checkbox, etc with mysql. How to save record, add new record, modify or edit record, delete record etc.

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